Identifying Research Mentors in 2 Minutes

If you are trying to find a university mentor to sponsor your research, the following tips may help you out:

-Make a list of people who you have enjoyed taking classes with, or faculty members who share similar research interests.

-This can also include faculty who you have met at symposiums, colloquiums, special department events, conferences, etc.

-If you already have a general idea of what your research interests are, identify the relevant fields (there can be a lot of overlap between pedagogical theory, political science, sociology, philosophy, Applied Democracy, Comparative Literature, and Peace/Justice, and Conflict Studies, for example). Once you’ve identified the relevant fields, check the department websites for faculty pages. Make a list of any interesting faculty members you find.

-Another option is browsing your universities’ course catalog, finding the courses relevant to your research or which interest you and reaching out to whoever teaches them (more on how to email professors here:

- Ask your teachers if they know any faculty with research interests similar to your own.

-Talk to students, TAs, and graduate students about possible faculty mentors who may interest you.

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